Home of ivanZ Java, C# and Python Programs and Samples
This site presents some of my Java, .NET C# and Python programs and samples, which were  created as side product of my past and current activities. Most of them are freely available to everyone under GPL license. I hope some of my work may be useful to somebody else, if yes you may let me know, this will make me happy.

Couple more small projects in python clear_tags - ID3 tags mass cleaning, XMBC plugins - couple plugins for Czech online sources and adecaptcha - audio captcha decoder.

Latest and greatest project is PYMATI - Simple Enviroment for Playing with Numerical Python Computing.

Web based application MyBookShelf is result of my playing with Django.

Continuing with Python (several small tools, already available here) I've created a small framework called Reverse Templates that enables easily extratct data from HTML pages with he help of HTML based template. More information is here. I've also work on python utilities for automated Mp3 tagging.

Another project is about simulation of the very simple A-Life. Written in Java 5 it simulates envolvement of simple "entities", which executes series of commands (determined by their "genome"). A GUI interface enables to visualize the process on 2 dimensional matrix. The code for the project can be seen at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jalife.

Java project DDGP - an easy distributed grid framework has been started. DDGP provides tools for projects then can utilize a large number of computers working together (like for instance well-known SETI@Home). All information about this project can be found on its own web http://ddgp.sf.net.

Having been recently professionally involved a lot with Java I've created (as an exercise) a small free utility which is now available here. It is called JGET and helps to grab a series of files from web, when URLs of these files form some sort sequence, so rather than crawling web this tool download series of URLS generated from some pattern. For more details see JGET page.
Also I have played little bit with J2ME and created simple HTTP Test utility - it can send HTTP request to given URL and show details about response - for details and download see this page.

Code Analyzer is a handy tool for programmers and QA people who are working with C#. It basically enables to check C# code for compliance with established coding standards and best practices. The tool is very flexible and extensible - you can define your own rules for code checks and also define your own views how to present results of analysis. The tool has nice and friendly interface reminding modern IDEs (VS.NET). You can check this tool description and its screenshots here.

Code Analyzer "Public Beta" version is out for almost a year and I've received some positive feedback from couple of people, but I don't know what to do with it further. I do not have too much time these days to continue on my own. So if you have some idea what can be done with this tool or if you'd like to somehow help with it, please let me know.

Also available is Simple Registration Framework. This small tool enables to create and manage user registrations of a "shareware type" application. It uses signed XML for registration tokens.

Other project is called CS CODEDOM Parser and it is what it says - it parses C# source and creates a syntax tree using .NET CodeDom classe. This is an first version, which parses down to members level - it does not parses statements and expressions parsing is very limited. This is partially due to limited possibilities of the CODEDOM. More details about CS CODEDOM Parser is here.

Another work presented here is Inherited Class Skeleton Generator (ICSG), which is cute utility, that can generate a class definition and include members prototypes from base class and implemented interfaces information. For more details and screenshots  go to ICSG overview page.

On Simple C# Samples Page there are few basic samples, which are results of some of my tests of .NET Framework.


Last site update on 30/08/2013