Simple C# Samples
  Here are sources for some samples I've done, when I was learning some .NET concepts. They probably don't worst much, unless you are particularly interested in some concepts that were used in the examples:
  • Testing wrapper for System.Configuration.Install.Installer, class I found it very usefull when I was debugging and testing installer. It provides parameters to installer context from XML configuration file. Here is source code.
  • Simple view of XML DOM Document  - tree view of document plus textbox, which is showing text of currently selected node. Here is source code.
  • RegEx test. Just very simple form to test RegEx, persists input values in XML. Here is source code.
  • Http Poster - post file to given URL, http request is invoked asynchronously, also it support custom connection through proxy (even to local host, I have to create my own IWebProxy implementation, because supplied web proxy class, does not allow proxy address to be on localhost). Here is source code.
Last site update on 30/08/2013