XBMC Plugins
Here are few plugins for XBMC (XBox Media Center). They are tested only on Linux (64 bit Ubuntu). They have no external dependencies so it should be enough just to unpack then to ~/.xbmc/plugins/video directory. They use BeautifulSoup package for html parsing, but it's already packed with it. Currently there are 3 plugins:
  • NovaTV - rtmp streams from http://archiv.nova.cz/
  • CT - Czech TV archive -http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/
  • O2-Stream-Music - Music clips from http://www.o2.music.stream.cz/

All three are currently working reasonably well, however, since they scrap actuall sites, they indeed might break if these sites are changed or updated. If plugins will not work for you, you can try to drop me an email, I might have newer versions.

Also here is an experimental plugin to stream videos from uloz.to - rapidshare like site. Interesting on this plugin is the fact, that it uses it's own proxy, that adapts to ulozto site, and tries to open several(two) connections to given resource and download alternating chunks from these connections and then compose these chunks into single stream to XBMC, thus achieving a bit higher speed to XBMC player, then via single connection. Thus up to 1.2GB/hour videos were played smoothly from online source. Pluging requires pluginutils form other plugins and also the adecaptcha package and is still bit unstable. Performance depends on the load on ulozto site.


You can download form this launchpad project, also latest source should be there. Note: NovaTV has common package pluginutils, other plugins should sym. link this directory in order to work.
Last site update on 30/08/2013