Clear_tags - ID3 Tags Mass Cleanup
Simple python tool using mutagen library, which cleans a large set of mp3 files tags (tested on 10k+ files). Especially usefull for fixing invalid charset encoding, removing diacritics (AFAIK this is the only tool that can remove diacritics in ID3 tags), and deleting unwanted tags (can define which tags should be kept). Options are set via command line or configuration file (contains useful module, that provides unified interface to both conf. file and cmd line options).


Usage: [options] [music_dir1] [music_dir2] ...

                        Configuration file
  --merge_TPE2          Merge TPE2 to TPE1, if TPE1 is not present
  -d DELETE_TAGS, --delete_tags=DELETE_TAGS
                        Delete these frames from file
  -k KEEP_TAGS, --keep_tags=KEEP_TAGS
                        Keep only these frames in file
  -e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING
                        Non-standard encoding of text frames (will be
                        converted to unicode
  -1, --keep_v1         Keeps v1 tags
  --debug               Prints debugging messages
  --remove_diacritics   Remove diacritic from latin alphabet
  --remove_empty        Remove empty text frames from tag
  --help_tags           Print list of all valid ID3 2.4 frames IDs
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


Download source from lauchpad.
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