MyBookShelf is a web application for building, presenting and maitaining a collection of e-books. Written in python language and django framework offers great flexibility and extesibility.
The application is currently under development - collection browising, searching and maitainiance is basically ready more advanced features to come in future.


  • Modern web interface with AJAX features (autocomplete etc).
  • Extensive user and access rights possibilities (thanks to Django)
  • Easy search and browing in various dimensions (Author, Title, Category ...)
  • Multiple formats supports
  • Guided ebook upload (minimizes duplications)
  • Mass import from disk
  • Admin feature (both inline and through Django Admin app)


Browsing authors:
Search results:
Uploading e-book (author autocomplete):
E-book detail


Latest sources could be found here on launchpad.
Last site update on 30/08/2013