MP3 Metadata

This project is about pyhton tools for an automatic tagging of mp3 files with consistent metadata. Intention is to use internet music metadata databaze ( for tagging of a messy music collection and organizing mp3 files into consistent set.

Current features include:

  • Python binding for to libofa and musicdns service. Enables to create an audio fingeprint from mp3 file and searching again music dns service for PUID and basic metadata.
  • Reading and write ID3 v1 and v2 metadata (using eyeD3 pyhton library)
  • Matching of mp3 files with metadata from internet database (musicbrainz), automatic clustering of files within a directory to possible albums. For matching uses combination of various method to maximaze probability of a positive match:
    • extraction of metadata from file names
    • local ID3 metadata
    • music fingerprint search
  • Updating ID3 metadata and file names with correct data found in internet

This project is still work in progress, current version is alpha quality code.

You can download source code package here.

This version is for LINUX OS to test and play with you will need:

Linux (tested on ubuntu 6.06):
Python 2.4 (for 2.5 change include in pyofa.cpp)
Needed libraries(with headers) : 
				 libofa 0.9.3 (or later?)
				 libfftw 3.1.2 (or later? dependency for libofa)
				 libexpat 1.95.8 (or later? dependency for libofa)
				 libcurl 7.15.1 (or later? dependency for libofa)
				 libmad 0.15.1 (or later?)
				 [instead of libmad liblame can be used then use -D LIBLAME]
Python modules:
				 musicbrainz2 (ver 0.4.1 or later?)

Then use setup script - if anything fails this it'll be probably extention module 
(pyofa) compilation - find problem (libraries, headers, version or whatever) and fix it

Before running assure that path where new  shared libraries (libofa ...) are is
in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH env. variable (or /etc/ file)
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