Display Switcher

This small utility written in Python enables you to quickly switch position, size and other parameters of secondary display in Windows. I've created it, because with my notebook I use different settings at work, at home etc. and thus I had to change configuration quite often. This utility has several preferred configurations, which can be changed with just one click. See screenshot below:


How to Use

In settings.py set up name of second display (you can use win32api.EnumDisplayDevices to get it) and set there also needed second display configurations (modes - list of 2-tuples - in each tuple - first is the name of configuration, second is a dictionary with parameters of display settings (keys according to pywintypes.DEVMODEType)). Optionally you can also set window_offset - position of the window (bottom left corner of window from bottom left corner of the screen)
When all is set up as needed start switcher.py.


Python >= 2.4
wxPython >=
pywin32 >=209 (this is important, because older version did not have necessary win32api functions)


You can download it here.

Last site update on 30/08/2013